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Settle Me Spray

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Too much stress?  Did you know horses’ moods can be affected by certain smells?  Zephry’s Settle Me Spray contains Clary Sage hydrosol which settles edginess, agitation and nerves.  Settle Me Spray is very effective for both horse and rider during a show, a clinic, or any stressful activity.  

Safe to use while showing and so easy to apply.  First, spray some onto the palm of your hand and allow your horse to sniff.  If he tries to lick your palm, don't worry it's fine. Zephyr's Settle Me Spray can then be sprayed directly onto your horse's body, sprayed onto your hands to rub the muzzle and head area, or spray the air and let the scent surround your horse.  Always be careful of startling your horse when introducing a new type of spray bottle. 

Clary Sage Hydrosol 

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