Ration Balancing

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Ration Balancing

Are you just guessing at your horse’s nutritional needs? This important tool can help horse owners balance their horse's diets better and formulate a least-cost ration. You could be wasting money on supplements your horse doesn’t need - or even making your horse’s mineral imbalances worse. This is because the nutrients in the soil are so variable from one spot to another, therefore the nutritional content of one bale of hay will also vary from another. Factors vary considerably by soil type, organic material, soil treatments applied, level of moisture in the soil, and age and growth phase of the plant.

Please call customer service for more information regarding our ration balancing service. 

Accurate ration balancing starts with a hay analysis. This tells you the calories, protein, types of carbohydrate and levels of all the key minerals. Once you know the starting point, a supplement plan can be formulated that gives your horse the correct levels of things he needs and avoids feeding things he already is eating in normal or excessive amounts.

Why do a hay analysis?

Many nutrient deficiencies and excesses can occur through forage variances.  Multiple nutrient levels can contribute to significant imbalances. The goal is to match supplemental nutrients at the amounts indicated to what is specifically lacking in the hay.  

Standard analysis includes DM%, CP%, Ca, P, Mg, Na, ADF, DE, Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn

Where to get a hay analysis ? 

Uckele recommends Dairyland Labs. You can contact them at 608-323-2123 or visit www.dairylandlabs.com to request an account. They will test the hay sample you provide and from there you can send the results to Uckele for a ration balance to meet your horse's needs!

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