Pull-Tight Poultice 10lb

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Pull-Tight provides clay-based first aid support for legs and hooves, as well as temporary cooling and astringent properties for drawing out, cooling, and soothing temporary muscle, connective tissue, and skin irritations. 

Goes on smoothly and rinses off easily; no cement-like varnish that leaves a dry, chalky residue. With Wintergreen, Witch Hazel Extract, and Spirit of Camphor.

Directions for use: Clean skin surface. Apply Pull-Tight Poultice approximately 1/8" - 1/4" thick over desired area. Cover with wax or brown paper then wrap as necessary. Change poultice daily and moisten if necessary. Do not apply to open wounds or sores.

Poultices are used to cool and soothe tissues after hard work or injury to draw proteins and bacterial products out of areas of inflammation or infection.  They are commonly applied to bites, abscesses, wounds (not recommended for this unless extremely pure), areas of fresh musculoskeletal injury and as a prophylactic measure following hard work. 

All poultices are based on clays such as kaolin and silicates. They work by drawing inflammatory proteins out of the tissues and dissipating heat by drawing it from the inflamed tissues into the wet clay and then off by evaporation.  Additives such as mints, witch hazel and camphor produce a cooling sensation on the skin and help block pain. Glycerin helps hold water in the poultice and makes it easy to apply and remove.

Kaolin, Sodium Aluminum Silicate, Oil of Wintergreen, Witch Hazel Extract, Spirit of Camphor, Glycerine and Water.

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