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Pro DMG is a potent source of DMG, Dimethylglycine, to assist in the processing of Lactic Acid after high speed training and competition to support metabolic efficiency. Also promotes healthy liver function, energy production, metabolism, exercise tolerance, and sugar metabolism.  Additional Magnesium promotes DMG metabolism.

5 lbs. / 77 day supply

Pro DMG is for performance horses to support healthy liver function, energy, metabolism, exercise tolerance, and sugar metabolism.  Additional Magnesium acts synergistically with DMG in metabolism in the horse, particularly for training and competition, or any high intensity physical activity. 

Lactate is produced in the breakdown of Glucose.  It is generated when Glucose is burned anaerobically – without the benefit of oxygen.  High levels of lactate are generated when the horse performs high speed work, because only anaerobic burning of glucose can generate energy quickly enough to meet the demands of speed work.

Active Ingredients per 1 oz. (1 scoop):

NN-Dimethylglycine (DMG) 3,000 mg

Inactive Ingredients:  Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Sulfate, Natural and Artificial Flavors.  

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