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Pro Air Pellet

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Pro Air Pellets provide breathing and muscle support to help support lung function in exercising horses.  It may also help with coughing due to occasional seasonal allergies.  Suggested minimum trial period is 3 days. 

With herbal and antioxidant support, Pro Air Pellets help respiratory, lung and immune health in performance horses when airway irritation can be aggravated by exercise, dusty stalls, pastures or arenas, allergens or other irritants in the environment.  

  • Spirulina Platensis, an antioxidant, helps maintain a normal balance of antibodies while supporting free normal air flow.
  • MSM supports a balanced profile of cell signaling proteins and antioxidant protection. 
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids are antioxidants that maintain normal integrity of the delicate capillaries in the lung.
  • Jiaogulan, Chinese herb that supports normal air flow.
  • Vitamin C, a key antioxidant found in lung tissue. 
  • Grapeseed Meal and Extract contain potent plant antioxidants that assist in combating environmental pollutants.
  • Octacosanol supports antioxidant protection of blood vessels. 

4 lbs/30 Day Supply

Active Ingredients per 60 g (1 scoop)

Spirulina                                                          20,000 mg

Methylsulfonlmethane (MSM)                     10,000 mg

Grape Seed Meal                                             9500 mg

Citrus Bioflavonoids                                         4200 mg

Jiaogulan                                                            1500 mg

Vitamin C                                                             1000 mg

Grape Seed Extract                                             300 mg


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