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Poly Manganese is important for proper bone and connective tissue formation and the maintenance of skin and coat pigment.  Particularly helpful for horses with bleached coats and red ends on manes and tails.  Coated with polysaccharide to protect it from being released until it reaches the site where it is most effectively absorbed. 

Feed at the rate of 1/2- 1 scoop daily. 1 scoop = 5 grams providing 1,000mg of Manganese

Manganese is a trace mineral, meaning it is required by the horse's body in milligram amounts. Like all trace minerals, it participates in a wide variety of reactions in the body, often as an essential cofactor at the active center of enzymes.

Functions involving manganese include:

  - Antioxidant activity inside the mitochondria as part of the enzyme superoxide dismutase

  - Metabolism of cholesterol, amino acids and glucose

  - Gluconeogenesis – the creation of glucose from other substances in the body

  - Insulin production

  - Detoxification of ammonia

  - Synthesis of joint cartilage and bone

  - Healing of tendons, ligaments and bones by activating collagen synthesis 

Although deficiency is uncommon, it can be devastating if severe with symptoms including bone and cartilage disease, seizures, impaired amino acid conversions and defective glucose handling. 

Locations most likely to have borderline to low manganese include areas in southern California and interior regions of the country as well as some places in the northwest.

Diets with high intakes of calcium, phosphorus, copper or zinc may also require additional manganese.

Poly manganese is a uniquely efficient way to deliver bioavailable manganese to its best absorption sites in the small intestine.  The special carbohydrate coating protects the mineral until it comes into contact with enzymes at the border of the small intestinal cells where it is digested off, freeing the manganese.

Consult a nutritionist or your veterinarian before supplementing manganese.  A scoop of Poly Manganese provides 800 mg of manganese, twice the minimum total daily. requirement for a 455 kg (1000 lb) horse.

Guaranteed Analysis per lb:

Manganese Polysaccharide Complex, Dried Kelp, Distiller's Dried Grains with Solubles

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