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Nutri-Sil 19fl oz

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Nutri-Sil provides a highly bio-available form of Silica supports joint, bone, connective tissue and muscle health.  Silica may contribute to a more balanced use of Calcium and a reduction in the potential for inappropriate Calcium deposits.

* Dosage: 1 tbsp (1/2 ounce) daily. Analysis: 1 tbsp = 375 mg Silica. 19 oz bottle (38 doses).
* Do not use this product if you are pregnant breast feeding or have a history of allergies without first consulting your doctor or other health care provider.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This (these) product(s) are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Nutri-Sil provides support for soft tissue structures like the synovial membrane, tendons and ligaments, as well as bone.   The health and function of joints involves more than just joint cartilage.  There are situations where connective tissue support may be indicated and soft tissue stabilization from ligaments and other soft structures play a major role.  Nutri-Sil supports ligaments and tendons in their critical roles of maintaining the stability of joints for controlled motion. 

Research done by Dr. Edith Carlisle at the UCLA School of Public Health showed Silica to be essential in collagen formation and connective tissue strength.  Collagen is the tough fibrous material which holds our framework together and is the major component of everything from our bones to our skin. 

Silicon is also the primary Calcium management element and is responsible for making sure Calcium is not stored in any locations other than bone. Without Silica, Calcium is more likely to be stored in areas like artery walls, joints, organs and soft tissue.

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