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Magnesium Oxide 58%

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Magnesium Oxide 58%

Equine Magnesium Oxide Mineral Supplement

Magnesium Oxide is a source of the mineral Magnesium for equine diets known to be low in Magnesium and/or for horses that may respond to additional Magnesium for support for behavioral, muscular, endocrine and balanced immune response.  Recommended trial period is two weeks of consistent use.

Magnesium moderates and regulates body responses.

  • As an activator of enzymes, science has identified over 300 enzymes that require Magnesium to function.
  • The highest energy form found in cells is ATP, Adenosine Triphosphate, the energy-carrying molecule found in the cells of all living things.  Magnesium is required to stabilize and store ATP.  
  • Magnesium is also required for all genetic material, DNA and RNA, to function and be transcribed.

Magnesium receives little attention in equine nutrition, but it could easily be argued that no other mineral has as many important functions.  Virtually every equine body function requires adequate levels of Magnesium.  This very potent Magnesium Oxide powder provides a high percentage of this essential macromineral at a reasonable cost per dose.

Magnesium is usually present in equine feeds, but levels vary considerably.  As for its presence in pasture or forage, acidic soil conditions often result in Magnesium being washed out of the soil by rain.  Whole grains, brans, germs and alfalfa tend to have the highest levels, but these can be offset by high Calcium levels that may compete for absorption.

Signs of Magnesium deficiency

  • Low Magnesium is a very common cause of behavioral issues such as irritability, or hypersensitivity to sound or touch.
  • In other species, Magnesium deficiency has been clearly identified as both a cause and effect of imbalanced blood sugar issues
  • Muscular irritability manifested as twitching in muscles, increased muscle tone, even elevated blood levels of muscle enzymes and signs of tying up can also be a sign of Magnesium deficiency. 
  • With extreme Magnesium deficiency, weakness can be an effect.  Magnesium plays a key role in stabilizing and storing ATP, the energy carrying molecule in all cells.

Guaranteed Analysis per 4 g (1 scoop):
Magnesium............................ 2,320 mg

Magnesium Oxide

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