Leave It Be Salve

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Leave It Be Salve

Leave It Be Salve helps your horse do just that.

4oz. and 16oz. size discountinued. 50% off-- discount reflected in price. While supplies last.

This powerful herbal salve has staying power to cool and protect temporary skin irritations, and may help ease discomfort.  Infused with 7 herbs and essential oils, it helps maintain normal skin micro flora, and calms and soothes temporary skin irritation. 

For a soft and shiny coat, mane and tail – and a happy horse, protect, cool, and dry uncomfortable, rubbed-out bald spots, insect bites and scruffy tails the natural way. This salve has long-term staying power to help form a protective, water resistant shield. 

4oz. and 16oz. size discountinued. 50% off-- discount reflected in price. While supplies last.

Chickweed, Thyme, Chamomile, and Calendula Flower topically calm and cool the skin, support a normal inflammatory reaction and may help ease discomfort caused by temporary skin irritations.   Marshmallow Root and Comfrey provide topical emollient and astringent action to help maintain normal skin flora.  Tea Tree Essential Oil calms and protects prickly skin for strong, healthy hair growth, and a happy horse. 

Directions:  Clean skin thoroughly.  Apply directly to bug bites, face, ears, legs and underbellies as a soothing barrier for long-lasting protection.  Use alone, or in conjunction with shampoo and spray.  If using with the spray, spray entire area, allow to dry, then spread salve over area to provide extra topical skin cooling and form a protective barrier.  Apply as often as needed. 

Calendula helps ease discomfort caused by temporary skin irritation.  This is the common Marigold, whose use dates back at least to the 15th century when the flowers were used topically on irritations of the skin.  

Chamomile Flower supports normal inflammatory reaction.  Chamomile is a common, creeping, flowering plant that has been in use since ancient Greeks and Egyptians. 

Chickweed is used topically to soothe and cool temporary skin irritations.  Chickweed is a ubiquitous wild flower found throughout the temperate regions of the globe.

Comfrey Leaf and Root is emollient and astringent, and helps maintain normal skin micro flora.  The written history of Comfrey dates back to the ancient Greeks who thought it had already been in use for at least 2000 years.

Marshmallow Root has moisturizing and emollient properties that help maintain a normal, healthy inflammatory response.  Known throughout the ancient Egyptian, Arab, Greek, and Roman cultures, and used continually for at least 2000 years, Marshmallow Leaf and Root continue to support relief for irritations.

Tea Tree Essential Oil helps soothe and dry temporary skin irritations.  This Australian tree has a long history of use by the native Australian population, and was first described in writing in the 1700s as a potent antiseptic. 

Thyme helps support maintenance of normal skin micro flora.  This herb was recorded by the ancient Greeks and Romans and has a long history of use as a skin antiseptic.

Contains: Aloe Vera Juice.Chickweed, Chamomile,Calendula,Thyme, Arnica,Elderberry, Comfrey,White Willow Bark &Tea Tree Essential Oil

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