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Horse Honey 2X is a palatable liquid blood builder that is balanced and complete to provide everything the horse needs to support healthy red blood counts.  With nutrients to support healthy oxygen transport, and the production and maintenance of red blood cells for optimal performance and growth. 

Racing Horses - 2 oz. daily

Stallions In Service - 2 oz. daily

Yearlings & Orphans - 1 oz. daily

Foals - 1/2 oz. daily

Debilitated Horses - 3 oz. daily for 15 days then reduce to 1 oz. daily

Mares In Foal - 1 oz daily for the first 6 months then increase to 2 oz. daily to term

Horse Honey 2X is a palatable liquid supplement designed to provide everything the horse needs to build good red blood counts to support optimum performance and growth. 

The horse's red blood cells, aka erythrocytes, perform the essential function of delivering oxygen to the body's tissues.  Erythrocytes contribute to keeping blood vessels open by releasing substances such as ATP, S-Nitrosothiols and Nitric Acid, which dilate the vessels.  The red cells also help carry lactic acid out of hard working muscles. 

An effective supplement for building red blood counts supplies a variety of key nutrients. Horse Honey 2X supplement provides these key nutrients to support blood building in an easy to use liquid, with a highly palatable honey base to help ensure consumption. 

  • - Supplementing the horse for blood building requires both minerals and vitamins. 
  • - Iron is needed to make hemoglobin, the molecule that carries oxygen inside the red cell.  Each hemoglobin molecule has four Iron-containing oxygen carrying sites. 
  • - Copper is also needed to make the protein Ceruloplasmin, which is important for moving Iron around inside the body.
  • - Vitamins B-12, B6 and Folic Acid all participate directly in red blood cell production. 
  • - However, all the B vitamins are important because the bone marrow, where blood cells are made, is a very metabolically active and rapidly dividing tissue.  The B vitamins support that rapid division and metabolic activity by functioning as indispensable enzyme cofactors. 
  • - The B vitamins are also needed for energy generation from carbohydrates and fats in bone marrow.
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