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Equi-Hoof Complex

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Equi-Hoof Complex supports hoof strength and growth with collagen. Lysine and Methionine supports connective tissue proteins, hoof health, and growth,  and immune system function.  Zinc, Copper, and Manganese promote kertain development in the hoof wall as well as proper production of proteins present in the skin, hair, and hooves.  Biotin also maintains the health and growth of hoof proteins and keratin.

Feed at a rate of 15 g daily. 1 scoop - 15 g. scoop included. 100 day supply.

Hoof-health is vital to wellbeing and can be indicative of overall physical condition. Key hoof supplements can support hoof health and growth. Equi-Hoof Complex includes the important amino acids Lysine and Methionine, which are important for connective tissue proteins, hoof health and growth, and immune function.

It also includes the minerals Zinc, Copper, and Manganese, antioxidant and tissue support minerals necessary for the proper production of proteins present in skin, hair, and hooves, and for keratin development in the hoof wall. Biotin is a vitamin necessary for the health and growth of the hoof proteins and other connective tissue, including keratin.

Contains twenty mg biotin per dose, plus hoof strengthening collagen. Because new hoof takes an average of six months, be prepared to use a hoof product for an adequate time period to see results.

Guaranteed Analysis per 15 g (1 scoop): 20 mg Copper, 50 mg Zinc and Pyridoxine HCL (Vitamin B6), 40 mg Manganese, 20 mg Biotin, 2,500 mg DL-Methionine, 2,500 mg L-Lysine.

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