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Creatine supports healthy muscular function.  Creatine, a natural substance found in the body, plays a powerful role in energy metabolism. Helps to maintain muscle energy availability during intense training to help equine athletes reach the next level.

Use at the rate of two scoops 3 times daily as a loading dose. After the loading phase, use at the rate of one to two scoops daily or as otherwise directed.

1 scoop = 10 g scoop included. 1 lb. jar = up to 45 day supply

By nature, the horse is a superior athlete who relies on finely tuned and always ready muscular function. Working muscles receive some of their energy sources from the blood, but also rely very heavily on stored forms of energy within their cells. These storage forms are particularly important when initiating movement and when the horse needs to make an explosive sudden effort.

Creatine Phosphate is one of these forms of stored energy. It is in very high concentration in muscle, and is also important in the brain. The horse manufactures Creatine from two readily available amino acids, Glycine and Arginine. However, research has shown that species that eat meat have higher levels of Creatine in their muscle than individuals who do not get preformed Creatine from meat. For animals on vegetarian diets, Creatine Monohydrate supplementation may substitute for Creatine present in meat.

As an added bonus, high levels of Creatine in muscles contribute to bulk and definition by increasing muscular hydration

Active Ingredient per 10,000 mg:
Creatine Monohydrate............ 9,900 mg

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