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Herbal Liniment to support normal equine muscle relaxation and healthy blood flow. 

Discontinued Product! 50% off, discount reflected in price listed. While supplies last.

Long-lasting, protective salve uses the natural potency of herbs to soothe and cool the muscles after a ride or strenuous show day.  Marjoram and Rosemary support healthy muscle relaxation, and Chamomile and Arnica support a healthy inflammatory response. 

Discontinued Product! 50% off, discount reflected in price listed. While supplies last.

Let the power of herbs and essential oils soothe your horse’s aching body and provide normal, healthy muscle relaxation with Zephyr's Garden Cool Muscle Salve, whether jumping, trail riding, barrel racing or simply making your older horse more comfortable.

Cool Muscle Salve is a trainer's “secret” weapon and a favorite of the grooms. Easy to apply, no drips or mess, and its brimming with the finest ingredients.

Directions:  Apply directly to skin for up to three consecutive days.  Do not apply over open skin and avoid eye area.  Use alone, or with gel or liniment.  Not recommended for use under wraps or with magnets. 

Ginger Root is an aromatic perennial herb native to Southeast Asia and the East Indies. Various herbal uses recorded as far back as ancient Sanskrit. Ginger Root is a  potent antioxidant that has gentle warming properties.

Myrrh is an aromatic resin from several closely related small trees indigenous to areas of the Arabian Peninsula and Africa. It is noted as a prized herbal medicine in the Bible, as well as in Chinese and Ayurvedic writings. Myrrh helps support normal, healthy blood flow.  

Juniper is an Evergreen tree found worldwide throughout the Northern Hemisphere. The ripe berries are a strong counter-irritant when used topically.

Marjoram is a perennial shrub native to Cyprus and Southern Turkey that supports normal, healthy muscle relaxation.

Lavender Essential Oil, native to the Mediterranean, is an aromatic evergreen that was widely introduced into Europe and North America.  Lavender provides support for oxidative stress, and gently encourages normal blood flow.

Comfrey Leaf is native to Europe and temperate regions of Asia.  Its written history dates back to the ancient Greeks who thought it had been in use for at least 2000 years; some European writers believed from the time of the Garden of Eden.  Topically, it helps support a balanced inflammatory reaction.

Chamomile is a common, creeping, flowering plant that has been in use since ancient Greeks and Egyptians traditionally used it.  Topically, Chamomile supports normal inflammatory reaction

Arnica, is a plant in the sunflower family has been in use since at least the 16th century when it was traditionally used for bruises, sprains and sore muscles.  Arnica helps support a normal inflammatory cytokine cascade.

Organic Rosemary Extract is an evergreen shrub indigenous to the Mediterranean that that provides antioxidant action and normal muscle relaxation.

Aloe Vera Extract is a member of the Lily Family. It has been described in writings dating back to 2100 B.C., from all over the globe including ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, as well as Indians and Chinese.  The traditional use for Aloe was as a dressing for wounds or burns.  Organic Aloe Vera Extract has emollient properties, and helps support normal response to temporary irritations.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Arnica 
Flower, St. John's Wort, Comfrey, Orgeon 
Grape, Ginger Root, Myrrh, Ginger, 
essential oils of Lavender, Rosemary, 
Juniper Sage, & Marjoram, Unrefined Bees Wax

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