Bio-C Plus

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Bio-C Plus
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Bio-C Plus provides Vitamin C in a unique bi-lipid layer delivery system called liposomal encapsulation to promote and protect immune health and function. 

This advanced system is designed to protect Vitamin C from breakdown by the digestive tract, delivering maximized bioavailability in a highly absorbable form through the cell wall at the site of absorption.  

Bio-C Plus Liposomal Liquid is a Vitamin C packed formula in liquid form, which provides maximum bioavailability. It also has a bi-lipid layer, which allows for ultimate Vitamin C absorption. The bi-lipid layer helps to eliminate the destruction of nutrients by digestive juices and free radicals to support maximum nutrient absorption.  Standard capsules and tablets do not deliver this dual action. 

  • - The bi-lipid structure of the liposome is very similar to the body’s cell structure, meaning Vitamin  C is more easily absorbed to optimally support and defend immune cells. 
  • - Liposome encapsulation protects nutrients from degradation by the digestive acids in the gut,  which increases the potency of vitamin C reaching the site of absorption.   
  • - By eliminating nutrient destruction by free-radicals, enzymes, digestive juices and other  absorption barriers, these essential phospholipids successfully navigate through the digestive  system to their specific target, where nutrients are released for the best possible potency and  absorption. 
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