Aspirin Powder

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Palatable cherry flavored aspirin powder aids in temporarily reducing fever, minor aches, joint and muscular pain.

Extra strength!

Aspirin Powder is mixed in a tasty cherry flavor, and can provide temporary relief of pain and inflammation, as well as protection from vascular clot formation.  It can be conveniently mixed with feed as a top dress and contains 10 grams of pure Aspirin per serving.  

  • - Concentrated form of the proven pain reliever, Aspirin.
  • - Pure USP-Grade cherry flavored powder.
  • - Can help aid in the short term relief of minor muscle aches, joint pain, and fever reduction.
  • - Long-lasting support in the prevention of vascular clotting.

Equine Aspirin can provide a short window of relief (a few hours).  This allows horses to eat and drink without long term suppression of fever and pain that could complicate an accurate assessment of response to treatment.

Each rounded scoop contains:
Acetylsalicylic Acid (pure aspirin) and artificial & natural flavors - 10 g

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