Question:  Hello Dr. Kellon, I am taking care of a 32 yr old QH gelding . He is doing well on a balanced senior diet but has pain from a bone chip in his stifle with soft tissue inflammation (per xrays). He is getting 1/4 pill of previcox daily per the vet and devil's claw. Topical Voltaren was recommended by the vet as well. He is still very sore. Is there anything else we can give him for his discomfort? He also gets glucosamine and chondroitin from MBH. Would Arthroxigen be a better choice?  Thank you for your time.

Dr. Kellon: Yes, this is an excellent prospect for Arthroxigen and should allow you to back off the NSAIDs and separate Devil's Claw.

If the chip is located near or between the articulating bone edges or the patella it may cause ongoing joint irritation and arthritic change but if outside the moving parts of the joint it will eventually quiet down.
Also important to be on the lookout for pain in related areas like the hips, back or SI joint on that side and the foot and tendons/ligaments on the opposite hind leg which is bearing more weight.
A horse this age should also be tested for Cushing's disease since the accompanying immune system dysfunction can result in exaggerated inflammatory responses.