Question: Hello Dr K:  I am so excited.  Spumanti, my 18yr old Friesian, sweated for the first time on 11-05-17.   I mean he sweated like a warmblood, even lathered some.  Unbelievable .  He got the koro syrup thing before we rode for the very first time.  Stopped riding and even the pad was very wet not soaking but wet.  He is getting the Tri amino, Jiaogulan and Acetyl l carnitine per your instructions.   I bought human grade L leucine for Spumanti so I could take it also.  I am patiently waiting for a little more pep, however if he can sweat that is a good thing.  He gets free choice salt.  Things are sure looking up,  just can not thank you enough. Dr. Kellon: That's great news. Thanks for letting me know! How long have you had Spumanti? If we can help him to comfortably work longer he may show more pep as he gets more fit. Question:  I've owned Spumanti for eight years as an import from the Netherlands.  I e-mailed you on oct 24, 2017 re; lack of energy etc.  Historically he has had a very light pink tongue , doesn't sweat, is lethargic etc.  My vet 7 years ago seemed to think I just didn't work him hard enough and to use red cell.  So now after 8 years another vet came in and said he couldn't hear his heart beat on the left side of right.  He said he may be one of these friesians with a bad heart.  For my safety stay off the horse.  All blood work came back normal.  EMS, and Cushings normal.  Went to UT Tenn.  Cardiologist did EKG and echo, said all normal. I found the Uckele web site and Dr Kellon.  So the rest is as of today.  Spumanti gets California Trace, Reg hay Red cal salt free choice, Natural vet Health Check and also the recommendations from you listed below.  I don't know why he just sweated that much ,hope it was  not a fluke.  Anyway we started the Uckele on Oct 28,2017 and did the first karo on 11-05-2017.  As you may know Friesians have this heart thing and that is why the vet said don't ride him as he may fall and kill me too.  I will still watch it but I am confident that with everything you are suggesting we can work it out. One other question, could the Uckele receipe I am using caused him to sweat, or the karo, and L leucine? Dr. Kellon: No one really knows why some horses don't sweat (anhidrosis) and there may be more than one mechanism. Horses with Cushing's can develop it as a complication of that disorder. Others stop sweating when in very hot environments. Neither of those fits your horse. Because we don't know the mechanism it's really impossible to say if his new supplements may be responsible for him starting to sweat.  If I had to guess I would say its most likely the Jiaogulan. I've worked with several Warmbloods that seem to have never recovered from the stress of importation. Jiaogulan is an adaptogen which helps the body manage stress and establish balance. Jiaogulan also increases production of nitric oxide in the body which causes small blood vessels to open and is what makes the gums pink up. Nitric oxide production is also necessary for sweating to occur. Also, latherin is the protein in sweat that causes lathering. Its composition is approximately 25% leucine.