Question: I will soon be moving my 11 yr. QH mare to a new barn, and would like to put her on a calming supplement to help her adjust to a new place and new turnout situation with the least stress to all. Which of your products would you recommend, and in what form? It looks like the Rlx-All and the Seroquine come in both paste and powder versions. Also, how quickly do these take effect- i.e. would a week before the move be the right time to start her on a calming supplement? She's generally easy-going and so doesn't need these long-term, just until she adjusts to a new environment. Thank you!

Dr. Kellon: Rlx-All would be a good fit for your situation. Start it 5 to 7 days before the move.Just remember that even when using tranquilizing drugs horses can still be startled so take things slowly.