Question: I have two mares that are easy keepers and I am wondering about a program or products that I could supplement them with to control their insulin levels.  I have adjusted their feeding program to include flax given with their vitamin/mineral supplement and daily ration of hay (2 flakes each feeding--mostly grass). Is there a supplement or program that I can give in addition to this that will help me control their sugar levels.  I have given them glycocemic eq in the past and was wondering if this is enough or if there was something else that I can add.  I am having the vet come on the weekend to check their glucose levels, thyroid and possibly leptin levels.

Dr. Kellon: Making sure the combined total of sugar and starch in your hay as well as anything else you are feeding (e.g. "balancers") is below 10% is the most important thing.  Beyond that, Glycocemic EQ can indeed be a helpful addition.