Question: I have 3 large ponies: 2 mares and 1 gelding close to if not 20 yrs old, seem healthy and no issues, not being ridden now, and 2 Mini Mares 34-36."  One could be over 30, tested positive for Cushings but non insulin resistance, seems fine,  just can't eat hay, got choke in June, too.  All hay away feed Triple Crown Sr soaked 3x a day.  The other eats fine, does have a displaced hip for 5 yrs or more, but gets around fine, limp, but can roll,  gallop, no sign of pain, she is over 2.  All the others eat Blue Seal Trotter and hay. I'd like to build them up, support them for winter, would Uckele Equi-Senior supplement be appropriate?All in good weight, no issues I know of.

Dr. Kellon: Do you know where your hay is grown?  That will determine which vitamin/mineral supplement is best for them.

Question: Canada or NY State, I believe.  Comes from a grain store,they get from a distributor.

Dr. Kellon: OK. A half dose (1 scoop/day) of U Balance Foundation would be the best match, followed by Equi-VM