Question: I recently bought a yearling Morgan filly and I am just wondering what is the best diet for her because I have never raised a yearling before and I really want to do it right so I need some advice. Her hind legs will swell up once in a while and I'm wondering what would be the best thing to do about that too. I'll be looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much!

Dr. Kellon: You are very wise to maximize her nutrition at this critical stage of growth. To best do this, you should have your hay analyzed and send us the analysis plus of list of everything she is eating. In the meantime, feed her free choice grass hay plus 1.5 lbs twice a day of a mixture of 1 part alfalfa pellets and 2 parts oats, by weight. in other words, for the day she would get 1 lb of alfalfa and 2 lbs of oats. Get an inexpensive fish scale so you can actually weigh it. Add 2 oz of CocoOmega to each meal and also feed her 1/2 lb of Milk and Grow per meal.

The hind leg swelling could be from not moving around enough or a health issue like parasites. You should get evaluation by a veterinarian for this because she shouldn't be doing it at this young age.