Question: Hello! I'm looking to increase the percentage of calories that my 13 y/o Shire Mare's gets from fat as an EPSM preventative but also for skin condition (Florida is rough on the skin) and to give her some vitamin E because she is turned out in a beautiful natural setting but there is very little pasture for her. We've tried oil and it creates a mess for the barn personnel so I've been looking at the Cocosoya Granules as an alternative to add fat to her diet.

Dr. Kellon: CocoSoya is an excellent choice and highly palatable. It has a much better omega-3 profile than most high fat sources (like rice bran) and you can boost that further by feeding it 50:50 with  CocoOmega.  Start by feeding about 300 g/day.
Her vitamin E requirement is about 4000 IU/day. The granulars will only give you about 70. You should make up the difference with Uckele Liquid E.