Question: I am trying to cut down on the amount of grain my horse eats and yet still provide him the calories and energy needed for daily riding. Plus meet his nutritional needs. He is currently on a gut health formulated feed that is 12% protein with probiotics, low starch, low sugar and highly digestible fibers. He also gets 3 flakes of Timothy/Alfalfa hay in the morning and 3 flakes at night. For added calories would I be better off adding a weight gain pellet to his am and pm feed or top dressing his feed with Cocosoya Oil. Let me know. Thanks!

Dr. Kellon: You should use about 6 oz/day of both CocoSoya and Equi-Omega 4:1 to replace the fat missing from a diet that does not include fresh grass.
Otherwise, increase your horse's hay ration if you need weight gain.  This is the horse's most natural source of calories.To complete the diet, feed a minimum of 1 oz/day of salt, 2000 IU of vitamin E and let us know where the hay was grown so we can advise you on a vitamin and mineral supplement that is a good match.