Question:  My easy keeper paint gelding still won't eat his U-Balance Foundation supplement. He picks out anything I add to it and eats it instead. I have tried the Coca Soya, which he seems to like, but still leaves the pellets behind, sometimes even dumping them out and then licking the tub. I am nervous about the flavorings you suggest b/c they contain Stevia, which in humans leads to an insulin response the same as sugar. I assume this is true in horses too? I've also tried unsweetened apple sauce and molasses to no avail. I'd really hate to go to a different supplement. What do you think?

Dr. Kellon: Stevia does not increase insulin like sugar does.  It supports insulin responses when blood sugar is high but otherwise does not stimulate insulin secretion: 
Hopefully something that coats everything in the bucket evenly will work better.  Another thing you can try is to get a dose syringe with a wide nozzle and make a slurry of water and a few pellets of UBF, squirt this into his mouth a few minutes before feeding so he already has the taste of it.

Question: Thank you for your response and for the article. That's reassuring. It was my understanding that even alternative sweeteners with zero calories stimulate an insulin response in the body that can even be worse than actual sugar and lead to greater weight gain (e.g. diet soda).  Is stevia an exception to this phenomenon then b/c of its plant basis and antioxidant qualities?  Thanks again for your suggestions!

Dr. Kellon: Yes, Stevia is the exception.