Question: We have a rescue miniature pony here who came to us with pnuemonia back in 2013.bronchoalveolar lavage/transtracheal aspirates performed, testing could not identify bacteria. X-rays confirmed to vets bronchopneumonia.  Today at 5yrs of age he suffers breathing difficulty in humid, hot weather, almost like hyper ventilating at times.  My question is , could the uckele EQ product be of any help to him. he is currently on low ESC/Starch hay, soybean hull pellets, vit E capsules, ground linseeds , and vit and mins supps.

Dr. Kellon: Infections can sometimes set up a situation in the lungs where they become hypersensitive to allergens or irritants.  To the extent that is happening, Lung EQ could be very helpful.  It is important to feed an adequate amount. Give 30 grams (half scoop) twice daily for every 250 lbs of weight.
Also very helpful is to keep him outside as close to 24/7 as possible, soak any hay feed and wet down other feeds, do not bed on straw, do not kpony'seep straw or hay in the barn.