Question: My halflinger has winter founder/laminitis.- yesterday. I feed grass hay and have it tested and I supplement with Cu, Zn, Magnesium Oxide- 56% - 2 T, iodine, Devils Claw- 6 gr, Tri Amino - 5 gr, salt-2 T, Nutrena Topline Balance - 1 lb and Alfala pellets - 1 lb. I have been using flax seed oil - pure at 2 oz and switching to the Cocosoya-when it comes. ( you had already answered a question for me this week about the Cocosoya) He also is given 27 mg of Equioxx. He has ringbone that isn't bad and he walks sound on the flat.

I read one of your questions for a horse with laminitis to use the Jioagulan. I am going to order today.

My question, would you make any adjustment with the Tri Amino and Devils Claw? And do I need to order the LaminOx or wait and see what the Jioagulan does. And for the future - next winter, should I be feeding the Jioagulan to all my horses for better circulation and feed the LaminOx to the Halflinger in the winter due to the Iowa winters?

If I did order the LaminOx, could I feed at the 1/2 rate? Would I get any effectiveness out of it since he is already in laminitis/founder?

Dr. Kellon: The LaminOx has a stronger effect because of the nitric oxide precursors it supplies so you might end up needing that, but try the Jiaogulan first, beginning with 1 tsp twice a day given as a paste 20 minutes before feeding. Most will lick it up as a paste.
For best results stop both Equioxx and Devil's Claw. The dosage on the LaminOx is for a 1000 lb horse. Adjust as needed for your horse's weight. You can start with the upper dose and try to lower it after he feels better. It will still work after he has symptoms.