Question: Is it reasonable to feed a Phosphorus supplement, such as Equi-Phos, to a 100% Alfalfa forage diet to help balance Ca:P ratio? (Grass forage is not available. No hay analysis was performed. An amino/vitamin/mineral supplement is given without calcium or phosphorus. Flax, Vit. E and salt also given.) Yearlings and late gestation broodmares are of primary concern. Thank you.

Dr. Kellon: Yes, it's not only reasonable, it's advisable. You won't be able to get to a good ratio with the supplement alone though because phosphorus is the least palatable mineral. If you are feeding a 100% hay diet or using a concentrate with balanced calcium and phosphorus levels you can feed 2 to 3 lbs of wheat bran (best food source of phosphorus) with 2 oz of Equi-Phos for every 20 lbs of alfalfa being fed. If also feeding plain oats reduce the wheat bran by 1/3 lb for every 1 lb of oats fed.