Question: I am currently feeding a fotified bermuda\alfalfa pellet and free choice grass hay, bio vigor vet for mineral, cocosoya for fat and tri-amino for muscle, and one horse is also on lung eq and seroquine. I am wanting to simplify a supplement for my competing barrel and rope horses that adress multiple aspects, joint, muscle, omegas, lung and imune health. please advise. Thank you!

Dr. Kellon: The foundation for any diet is the correct amount of healthful foods to meet basic protein, calorie and essential fatty acid requirements.
The next thing every horse should have is a mineral and vitamin supplement which corrects any deficiencies and imbalances.


Beyond that, supplementation should be individualized to the horse. This is going to mean you feed multiple supplements. There are supplements out there that claim to cover multiple bases but I have never seen one that actually has correct ingredients and dosages to do that