Question: My 8 year old quarterhorse/thoroughbred mare was diagnosed with Type 1 PSSM last August. She currently gets a Balance Rationer and a Rice Bran Fat Supplement. I also supplement her with Magnesium 5000 and Water Soluble Vitamin E. She seems to be doing OK on this regime but I'm concerned about the high amount of fat she's getting. Is it safe for my mare to be getting these high amounts of fat? Or is it safer for her get ALCAR and reduce the fat?

I did purchase a bag of Acetyl L Carnitine from Uckele and now learn that it's not advised to continue the fat and the ALCAR together. How do I transition her? She is getting more fat supplement (volume wise) than ration balancer. Can I decrease the fat in half while starting the ALCAR for a while and then cut it back again? Is it dangerous for them to receive a fat supplement while using ALCAR? Also, is it advisable to do this in the winter when they sometimes drop a bit of weight? Also, is the fat supplement good for warmth in the winter months?

Dr. Kellon:  It's not dangerous to use ALCar with fat, but they work by directly opposite mechanisms so the fat can interfere. You can just stop the  fat supplement and go to ALCar.   Fat does not provide additional warmth in winter. Hay is best for that