Question: I'm a dealer for Uckele and have a client interested in using the Devils Claw Plus for her laminitic mare. She had two questions- first, is it safe for long term use? There was some concern from a friend of hers that Devils claw isn't safe to be on for long periods. Also is it ok to use in conjunction with Prascend? Thanks in advance!

Dr. Kellon: To date there is no indication long term use of Devil's Claw is harmful. It is certainly far safer than long term use of phenylbutazone or even firocoxib (Previcox, Equioxx).  A better choice for a laminitic horse would be Phytoquench pellets, which is also Devil's Claw based. Also consider using LaminOx. 
Most laminitis is due to endocrine (hormonal) disorders. Eliminating the laminitis requires controlling the conditions and appropriate trimming. Read about this at and consider joining this group for help: