Question: I have a 6 year old off the track Quarter Horse mare that was diagnosed with a mild case of pedal osteitis in her front hooves, but is more evident in LF hoof. After speaking with my vet, he recommended that I start her on Buteless Pellets. She has done well on it for a year or so, but after doing some research, I feel it might be beneficial to switch her to Uckele's Devils Claw Plus pellets. Is this a bad idea for an ulcer prone horse? Katie is currently on Sentinal Performance LS grain along with alfalfa/ grass mix hay and a mineral block available at all times.

Dr. Kellon: Both of these products are based on Devil's Claw, with our Uckele product using a standardized extract.  You will see cautions to the effect that Devil's Claw may cause or aggravate ulcers but the truth of the matter is that there is absolutely no solid data to support this.  It is certainly safer than the known dangers of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs.