Question: How much selenium should a 1000 pound 17 year old horse with mild insulin resistance (no laminitis) get in his diet daily who lives in northwest New Jersey? He is on about 6 oz. of a low starch senior pellet twice a day just to get him to eat his supplements. ( He will not eat rice bran and he choked on soaked beet pulp). He is on 2 scoops per day of equibase sport horse grass or equibase grass; the IR pellets. Do I need to supplement selenium, or Vit E?

Dr. Kellon: Your horse should be meeting his minimum selenium requirement from his current supplements.  However, high oxidative stress in an IR horse may increase his requirements. Your best approach is to test a whole blood selenium level to determine if you need to supplement more.
Vitamin E should always be supplemented separately.  Our Liquid E-50 is the easiest way to accomplish this since E should be supplemented mixed into oil. Give 1 tsp daily.