Question: Thank you for taking time to answer questions.  We used your Amp Fuel supplement and sport horse grass all last summer and I was really happy.  The Amp Fuel did prevent my mare from tying up again after a slight tie up in June.  I have another question for you. I have a 16 year old TB mare that my daughter is using for High School Rodeo.  She runs barrels on her.  The mare is a very competitive mare and they would really like to qualify for nationals this year.  Mare is sound and good weight I have had her teeth checked, but she does loose weight a little when we are on the road everyweekend.  We feed her a high quality free choice grass hay, and I have been feeding her renew gold. She develops a gate issue that I think is nerves and possibly ulcer flair ups.  I want to try to treat her stomach and her nerves and see if that helps the gate issue.  I am not sure which of your supplements would help the best.  I have tried giving her ulcer guard and I don't really think that helps.  Thank you. Dr. Kellon: Visible weight loss over a short period of time like that is usually dehydration. This can be a combination of not drinking as much as usually and increased gut motility from "nerves". Try giving her 2 oz/day of plain salt starting 2 days before and while you are on the road plus 1 oz of Pro-Lyte (available in pellets) for every hour under saddle. For nervous behavior I would try her on Seroquine. Our G.U.T. is a popular stomach protectant and is also available in a paste for convenient administration when on the road.