Question: I have a Senior Mare Horse +20 years that I cannot get her weight up. She looks like a bag of bones. I give her Calm Ultra and Whole Oat grain. Her metabolism must be in ultra high gear. Is there anything I can do to make here more normal?

Dr. Kellon: With severe weight loss the first step is to involve your veterinarian and screen for serious disease with CBC, blood chemistry and a check for Cushing's disease. Also deworm for tape worms and check a fecal for other eggs 4 months after a deworming. 
If teeth appear OK and everything above is negative, first thing I try is feeding wet meals for at least 50% of the calorie requirements (about 10 lbs of soaked hay cubes or pellets, or 7 to 8 lbs of a complete or Senior feed soaked in plenty of water) plus Uckele Absorb-All per meal.