Question: I have a 21 yr. old Mustang with high ringbone and is also IR. He is barefoot and gets trimmed every 6 weeks. He is on 1/2 dose of Sporthorse Grass and Quadrafac. In the past he was on Equioxx which helped slightly. I would like to see if something else could help before I move on to bute and possible joint injections. I was interested in possibly trying him on Phyto Quench pellets. Would you recommend adding any other supplementation to help slow down the progression of the ringbone? I would really like to get a handle on his discomfort before winter sets in.

Dr. Kellon: The most important thing is a meticulously balanced trim with a short and rolled/beveled toe.  Beyond that, Phyto-Quench pellets is a great choice, or you could try Arthroxigen for added joint cartilage support.