Question: So I have a Morgan gelding with laminitis and is also IR/Cushings - he is on Prascend but I am looking for an alternative, more economical option and also something for the laminitis. i was considering Laminox and Glycocemic but both contains some same ingredients ... what is your recommendation?

Dr. Kellon: The Prascend  is for treatment of his Cushing's and there is no effective substitute for that. Without it you won't be able to control his laminitis.
The laminitis is caused by high insulin levels. Morgans tend to have high insulin anyway so you need to control it with both the Prascend and diet. Go to www.ecirhorse.orgfor an overview of diet. Glycocemic EQ is a good place to start until you can get a hay analysis.


Trim is also very important to getting him comfortable. Consider joining for more help.