Question: I have an Arabian gelding that has a skin condition - dandruff like that is seasonal. I have used every topical product and then went to feeding omegas, etc. Last year spend $$$ on  a company's skin and allergy products along with their vitamins. As soon as I removed his full fly sheet with neck attachment he rubbed his mane out. I have used a new type of fly spray too thinking was gnats.  I saw your product Cocosoya at the Arab Show this past winter and am now curious about either that product or the Equi-omega 4:1.  Are you able to make a recommendation which procuct may be beneficial for this poor guy?

Dr. Kellon: Skin flaking, dandruff, is usually as a result of skin irritation although deficiencies of vitamin A, zinc or biotin could also play a role.  The irritation may be chemical, insects, allergies or infectious agents.  Autoimmune disease is another cause but far less common.
Both of those products can be beneficial for skin. CocoSoya improves the barrier function of skin and supports strong immune responses.  The Equi-Omega 4:1 also supports balanced immune responses by providing the rare omega-3 fatty acids which have been shown to decrease reactivity biting midges