Question: I have a recuse T'bred, 23yo, who recently had cellulitis. We have that healed but having a very difficult time getting her to eat again as she was prior to the infection. We have had her on Equi-Base Senior and GUT, treated her for ulcers. Still refusing much food. Using soaked beet pulp, rice bran and timothy and alfalfa pwllwts. Anything you can suggest to help jump start her appetite?

Dr. Kellon: An adaptogen like our Jiaogulan (which is also very tasty!) may support her in recovering from the stress of her illness. You could also try CocoSoya or one of our flavorings for meal appeal. 
However, the poor appetite may be a sign there is still something wrong. For example, Cushing;s disease increases their risk of infections. She should be examined and strongly consider blood counts and a chemistry screen to make sure she doesn't need attention for something else.