Question: I have a 12 year old appendix quarter horse with a suspensory ligament tear in two places where it connects to the hock. He is on stall rest, but does a lot of pacing. Is there a product you would recommend to help calm him and also anything that would promote healing of the ligament?

Dr. Kellon: Try him on Seroquine, which is formulated with ingredients that target stress and anxiety.
To assist healing, consider starting him on Cell Mass, a concentrated source of amino acids for synthesis of the major protein in ligaments, collagen. I would also suggest 5 grams/day of vitamin C, 150 mg of copper and 2.5 grams of Jiaogulan.  C and copper are essential for the production of strong collagen and the Jiaogulan supports production of nitric oxide which has a key role in healing.  If you call the Uckele office at 800-248-0330, you can arrange for a custom supplement to be made for you with these ingredients.