Question: I have attached the hay sample analysis you looked at last week for me.  I am planning to purchase it this week. As per your recommendation with the current hay we are feeding (Hanselman 1st cut), we are using the following supplements daily:

Equi-Omega 4:1  -  One scoop
Race-VM   -   one scoop
Liquid Vitamin E   -   one teaspoon
Salt   -   1.5 ounces
Absorb All   -   one scoop AM, one scoop PM
Sacchromyces Boulardi   -   2 capsules
Super Bones   -   have, but not currently using

Can you please tell me how to balance the hay we are planning to purchase (Jess July timothy)
Note:  The iron in our pasture is very high and we are trying to find out how to lower it (without much success as of yet). Charm only goes out with a muzzle for an hour or two, but I have also attached the pasture sample.

Dr. Kellon: You really don't want her eating that grass! Ask your pasture consultant how high you can take the pH of the soil without influencing grass health. The higher it is, the lower the iron will be.  Starch also very high so if you can lower levels of clover and weeds that would be helpful.

For the hay, U Balance Foundation will work best and you only need a half dose (one scoop) so price is not as high as it seems. Use iodized salt instead of plain salt when feeding this. Can also add a teaspoon of magnesium and your other regular supplements but Super Bones not needed.