Question: I'm asking for a friend, I've worked with your reps for my horses and had great results.  Her 7 month old Australian Shepard is having terrible problems with diarrhea. Is this something that you can help her with?  She has had a complete work up and worked extensively with her bet and they can't find anything wrong.

Dr. Kellon: If her vet approves it, the first thing I would try is an elimination diet. Check the ingredients list on her diet for all meat type ingredients (chicken, beef, etc.).  Pick one that is not on the list and feed that ONLY - no grains, vegetables, treats of any kind. Raw is fine (best IMO) but lightly cooked OK.  This is not a long term diet, just a test to see if something in her food is the problem. Also use our canine Digest and Daily supplements. Let us know how it goes.