Question: My dog ( a Berxer- St. Bernard& Boxer mix) has very red,inflamed skin between each toe on his paws. In one spot, the skin is raised. he licks it a lot. I walk him on a leash 99%, and at times he will go out on a tie-out lead in back of our home. I am not sure if he’s reacting to the grass, or if he has a allergy. I have used vet prescribed lotion and sprays, containing Hydrocortizine, and he licks it off every time it’s applied. His skin is “fair’”. I’ve taken him to the vet before and he was also given antibiotic and told to try changing protein source in food, which I’ve done). nothing seems to resolve this skin situation completely. Any suggestions?
Dr. Kellon: The medical term for this is pododermatitis. It is fairly common. Bacterial infections are often involved but an underlying food allergy may be the root cause. Most allergens are proteins but the offending protein doesn't have to be coming from meat. Soy, corn and other grains are  very common allergens and less common ingredients like tapioca, Cassava, lentils/beans. In rare cases, even other vegetables or fruits may be involved. Look at all the ingredients in your foods and try to find one that is completely different or at least a different animal protein plus no soy, corn or other grains to start.


Until you can find a food that does not make the situation worse, and to assist with getting his immune system in balance, try our Allergy supplement which is available in chewable tablets or soft chews.