Question: Hi, I have a mare that foundered bad a few years ago. She seemed to make a full recovery but ever since then if she gets even a little grass she will get loose stools. It will get about like a cow pie. I keep her off the grass at night and give her hay, she gets limited time on during the day. If I keep her on hay only she is fine but any grass and by that eve she is loose again. She only gets a ration balancer and a supplement called remission, no grain. Might you have a suggestion on what could help her so she could have some grass again? I know I will always have to monitor her close so she doesn't get to0 much, but I hate having to keep her on hay all the time. Thank you for your time.

Dr. Kellon: First, you should have her checked for insulin resistance. If her insulin is high any grass could be harmful for her.
If she's not, you have to treat the grass as a diet change. It has difference levels of water, fiber and carbohydrates than her hay. To help her digest it, try her on Absorb-All given immediately before you let her graze. Also keep grazing times short, 10 to 15 minutes to start, increasing very slowly and only if she does not develop diarrhea afterward.