Question: I have 4 mini donkeys, 2 of which are mom and son. They are a struggle to keep their weight down. The son is the worst, has a good crest going. Mom has a good booty going not a bad crest though. Have had on metabolic supplements for years and the last couple have been a challenge. I use chromium/magnesium supplement and thyro L powder. I measure their hay in slow feed bags only 2.5 lbs each twice daily and they still gain. Used to be able to put on some pasture in summer but last couple limited to 1/2 hour or so.

Thinking about changing to a different supplement. The glycocemic EQ for one and chaste berry. Is the dose the same for the minis? For the other supplement it is. I have used Heiro for the son before as well, as he has had a laminitic flare twice before, once in winter. This product works!! I have to say BUT he absolutely hates it. I try mixing with anything and everything and he refuses it now where he would eat it at first. He had to be on previcox for quite some time last winter to get him comfortable. Winter is here and I want to get a handle on things because I will want to feed more hay to keep them warm, they get cold easy. Thanks for your time.

Dr. Kellon: There are no supplements that will allow you to put mini donkeys on unlimited pasture or unlimited hay. You can't change their metabolism. You will always have to watch what and how much you feed them, even in winter. If they shelter to keep their coats dry they shouldn't get too cold. You also have to watch what you use to feed supplements. Even a small amount of the wrong thing  can cause problems. Beet pulp that is well rinsed is ideal.
All supplements should be dose adjusted according to the animal's weight. In your case, you would give between 1/4 to 1/3 of the full horse dose with the smaller, lighter ones getting the 1/4 dose. Glycocemic EQ is formulated to address all the nutritional issues that interfere with insulin function and to support good circulation through the feet. It is the most comprehensive support supplement out there.


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