Question: My horse stating to show signs of Cushing's. Borderline high ACTH, one incident of laminitis. He is on a dry lot..poor prevent any further issues and keep track of his diet. He eats an all natural diet no pelleted grain. I would like to start him on a supplement to keep him regulated and off medication as long as possible. What would you suggest. He is getting chaste berry already but would like to do a more over all product. He is a 20 year old Percheron/Paint.

Dr. Kellon:  Adding Glycocemic EQ to his supplements would be a good start. You might also consider switching to our new Chasteberry 5X product which is a concentrate you can feed in smaller amounts. It is important to keep everything he eats at a combined sugar + starch level below 10%, which means no grains of any kind.

Question: Thanks for getting back to me I really appreciate it. My trainer was wondering if you could recommend a dose for the chasteberry 5x as our vet is just getting on board with the whole idea. My horse weights approx 1500lbs the weight tape we have at the barn ended in 1300 and it did not go around him. Also she was wondering what you think about joint supplements as there seems to be some differing opinions on efficacy. Thanks again.

Dr. Kellon: I would try him on 9 to 18 grams (3 to 6 scoops) of the Uckele 5X product. Be sure to work out a blood testing schedule with your vet.

I'm a very strong advocate of joint supplements. I've been using them since the first one came out (a chondroitin only product) and have done 3 major field trials over the years. They definitely make a difference.