Question: My horse is starting to show signs of Cushing's. Borderline high ACTH one incident of laminitis. He is on a dry lot..poor prevent any further issues and keep track of his diet. He eats an all natural diet no pelleted grain. I would like to start him on a supplement to keep him regulated and off medication as long as possible. What would you suggest?  He is getting chaste berry already, but Ivwould like to do a more over-all product. He is a 20 year old Percheron/Paint.

Dr. Kellon: Adding Glycocemic EQ to his supplements would be a good start. You might also consider switching to our new Chasteberry 5X product which is a concentrate you can feed in smaller amounts. It is important to keep everything he eats at a combined sugar + starch level below 10%, which means no grains of any kind.