Question:  My two endurance horses were doing fantastically well on EQUI VM, which you recommended after reviewing analysis of my hay. They are still on the same hay but now there is grass in their 3 acre pasture and they also eat meadow grasses at every stop on our conditioning rides in the California hills, it's all very green. I am seeing some changes I don't like in their coat and feet, nothing major, but some frog sensitivity and rough hair and their urine is looking less clear than it was a month ago. Should I be switching to a different vitamin/mineral mix till the grass dries up?

Dr. Kellon: Are they eating enough that their intake of hay is less?  If so, how much less?  Has their weekly mileage also increased during this time? Sweating more?

Question: They are choosing to eat about 1/3 less of hay -- they have ad lib access to slow feed bale bag and porta grazers. Their weekly mileage is the same but we go more slowly as there is a lot of mud on the trails, and so they sweat less. They have only one sweaty ride a week or every 10 days now that it's winter. They have dropped weight a little bit, maybe 20lb on the 950lb horse and 10lb on the 840lb horse (a guess), but not much, they look good not too skinny and not fat. The nights are cold (frozen ground) and they are not blanketed. They have a choice of shelter from occasional rain.

Dr Kellon: OK. Try them on a 1/3 dose of California Trace and 2/3 dose of the Equi-VM. They could also likely use some more magnesium, 2 scoops/day of magnesium oxide