Question: Is the DevilsClaw Plus ok to give to a horse who is on Prascend?  I have several senior horses, two with Cushings (they do not have Insulin Resistance).  I'm already seeing results with one of my horses who has significant arthritis, using the Devils Claw Plus.  I'd love to try it on the 34 year old who is in her 12th year of treatment for Cushings and doing great - but definitely showing signs of stiffness.  Thank you for any advice!

Dr. Kellon: The only potential problem with Devil's Claw Plus is an increase in insulin from the Yucca but this is by no means guaranteed to happen. You just need to do periodic monitoring. IR develops over time in all Cushing's horses.  You have to be careful interpreting lab results because most "normal" ranges include horses eating grain, even horses that are IR but not diagnosed. For details, see  Any older Cushing's horse showing stiffness needs to have laminitis ruled out as the cause if that has not been done. Smoldering laminitis is very, very commonly misdiagnosed as arthritis, including hock arthritis because the horse is shifting weight behind. Other signs are less moving around, reluctance to turn sharply, pivoting when turning, rigid head carriage when walking, shortened stride on hard v soft surfaces.  If the horse is laminitic you can special order plain Devil's Claw extract by calling customer service.