Question: My 21 year old Morgan has diagnosed arthritis in both hocks. Although he has never been ridden hard (low mileage) I am sure he has other age related arthritis. He is on a daily low dose of Previcox.  My question to you is considering the above, which is better or a combination of these products: MSM, Devils Claw Plus or StopThe Pain (STP). My thoughts are that he would do well with both an anti-inflammatory as well as a pain reliever.  Also, I would want to give him something that can be given daily with no long term effects.  I did see that DevilsClaw Plus stated this concern regarding the extended ingestion of tannin. Dr. Kellon: I would suggest Devil's Claw Plus or Phyto-Quench pellets (which also contain Devil's Claw).  Either of these can probably be substituted for the Previcox, avoiding the potential side effects. Previcox is not approved for long term use.