Question: Is there a flax supplement that you would recommend? Also, does the brand of beet pulp matter at all? I have access to Standlee and also Midwest Agri. I'm looking into doing the hay analysis. I saw on the website about mane testing for minerals etc. Do you think that would be beneficial to do on my mare? Sorry for so many questions! I want to make sure I'm doing everything to manage her PSSM and keep her healthy!

Dr. Kellon: Uckele has a flax based supplement called CocoOmega which is excellent.  Brand of beet pulp isn't too important, but whichever you use just be sure to thoroughly rinse (removes excess sugar and iron) before soaking.  Hair mineral would help confirm some deficiencies and other issues ,but won't be able to tell you about the calcium and major mineral issues in your hay because blood calcium levels (hair gets its minerals from blood) are tightly controlled hormonally.